Blueprint for Balance
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We all carry our history in our bodies, each as unique as our own DNA. Lifestyle patterns get under our skin & into our biology, creating our very own blueprint of health. I am here to meet you where you are today. Each massage is a blend of modalities that suit your specific needs. My approach is to combine bodywork techniques that will quiet the mind, relieve tension, and restore cellular memories for healthy muscle tissue. The goal is to find a balance of relaxation and rejuvenation.

I work with clients seeking therapeutic massage at all levels, from relief of chronic pain to motor vehicle accident rehabilitations to preventive wellness massage. As a specialty I am also trained in Ayurvedic bodywork and healing, which offers deeply detoxifying and sedating health benefits. I have deepened my studies of Ayurveda through hands-on training of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. I am a life long student of holistic health and Ayurveda, and I enjoy working with clients to individually tailor their bodywork sessions to address each person's unique mind, body and spirit needs.

In addition to my private practice, Blueprint for Balance, I am a Clinic Supervisor and Faculty member at the University of Western States ( Massage Therapy Program. I love working with students through experiential education, mentoring and teaching them to ensure that the most effective future Massage Therapists are entering this profession.


“After my first massage by Collaine, I realized that I didn't have to live with stiffness and restricted motion that inevitably comes from working on the computer. She can't change the fact that I have to be on the computer many hours a day, but she worked out the adhesions in my shoulder and neck muscles - allowing me to glimpse a life of freedom of movement! She offered me practical advice to take care of myself and I now see her regularly - as a gift to myself - for all the hard work I do. ”

                 S. Meucci