Blueprint for Balance
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“The skin is no more separated from the brain than the surface of a lake is separate from its depths; the two are different locations in a continuous medium … The brain is a single functional unit, from cortex to fingertips to toes. To touch the surface is to stir the depths”
– Deane Juhan



Blueprint Massage
$75/hour     $90/75 minutes     $100/90 minutes
A signature massage that incorporates a blend of modalities (described below) that is created uniquely for You, according to what is needed for personal Balance in the moment.  Deeply relaxing, centering, and/or invigorating and always de-stressing.  Moist heat packs and/or organic aromatherapy essential oils may be used (your option).

Hot Stone Massage
$85/hour     $110/90 minutes     

A perfect treat for the cooler, quieter seasons, bringing therapeutic heat and deep pressure to penetrate the muscles and meridians and allow your energy pathways to flow freely.  Heated stones will ground you, balance chakras and provide long lasting relaxation. 

Pregnancy Massage
$85/hour     $100/75 minutes     
Specialized pre-natal massage designed to alleviate the discomforts associated with pregnancy.  Positioning, techniques and approach adapted to the needs of each woman.  Relieves tension and enhances well-being.

Uses simple touch and gentle rocking movements with the intention to balance life energy and to promote relaxation


Please see full description of Ayurvedic bodywork treatments here.


Traditional Western massage, incorporates various massage strokes, hydrotherapy, movement therapy and deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue
Works slowly and deeply to penetrate through layers of fascia and muscles to access the deepest tissues of our body.

Trigger Point
Neuromuscular technique that identifies small, hyperirritable adhesions within tissues that may cause local or referred pain and relieves these spots by realigning muscle fibers.

Myofascial Release
Stretches and softens fascia to release adhesions and restore mobility by freeing up fascial restrictions.

Ayurvedic Massage
Abhyanga is the traditional massage of India's Ayurvedic medical system. It pacifies the nervous system & gently detoxifies the body with warm oils & hot towels.

Pregnancy Massage
Massage adapted to meet the needs of pregnant women, and relieve some of the discomforts related to pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage
Utilizes stones as massage tools and to balance chakras and meridians to promote deep relaxation and energy balancing.


“There are lots of massage therapists in Portland ... but there are very few that are this good. Ever since my auto accident injury, I've been worked on by dozens of bodywork practitioners.  All this time, though, I've continued waking up every morning with an aching back.  After my first massage therapy session with Collaine, I woke up the next morning feeling wonderful.  All those same places where the pain would always be were ... just ... clear.   The massage was more than just relaxing ... it was truly therapeutic and restorative to a whole other level.  

Along with her deep proficiency, you can also tell that Collaine has put a lot of thought into creating the very best possible environment and treatment experience for her patients.  It feels like I have found a powerful ally in my healing process.”

                      G. Blat